Choosing A Land For Land Scale Farming In Nigeria


Farming is one of the biggest endeavors with an overly increasing prospect in resent times. This is due to several reasons some of which are; the constantly rising world population, disinterest/low rate in numbers of farmers worldwide. Also, several young people are no longer interested in farming but prefer seeking a white-collar job in cities and these and many other reasons have drastically increased the demand for farm produce while its supply is terribly poor.

This pathetic situation can however be manipulated to bear positive fruits for farmers or any other individual planning to begin the art of farming. This post seeks to educate Nigerians or foreigners who would like to delve into large scale farming on the possible merits and demerits they may encounter in their endeavor.

First and most important is to understand that farming like any other human endeavor has its attendant risk. It is thus advised that any person should be already familiar with farming before delving into it on a large scale. Note that, delving into a large scale farming isn’t only based on the capital you possess. This post is thus for those who are already well familiar with farming and are seeking to enlarge their farming business and not particularly for newbies.


To start a large scale farming, land is needed in large volume. Land however could be a very scarce commodity in some parts of the country. In the western parts of Nigeria, lands could be very expensive to get. The cheaper land in the Western part are usually located in thickets which are always distant and not easily accessible. This will constitute a difficulty in moving your crops from the farm to wherever you intend to sell them.

Siting your farm in the eastern part is usually not encouraged. This is due to the fact that the Eastern parts of Nigeria are usually prone to ecological disturbances. These may affect your farm and diminish your returns.

Siting your Farm in the Northern part is usually widely encouraged. This is because the Northern parts on Nigeria is a very vast area with a large land mass. Lands are cheaper and manpower is readily available. However, the disadvantages of siting your farm in the North is that the North is usually prone to criminal acts such as Herdsmen clashes and also, the lands in the North may not be favorable to the cultivation of certain crops.



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